Graphic designer

Keep improving and give back to society

YA-SHU said that the characteristics of the “Game Art Elite Class” of the Council is to cover the various skills required for game making, from game design to art 2D design to 3D process, which requires a lot of manpower and skill learning. Many of the teachers in the industry are senior seniors in the industry, and they can give the students the technical professors closest to the industry.

YA-SHU also mentioned that in addition to learning a variety of skills, there are also a lot of personal works accumulated, which is very helpful for finding a job after graduation. After the completion of the business, Yashu now works in the 3D role working group of a well-known game company. Not only does she play the role of the director, but also meets her own interests. In addition, because of the introduction of the teacher, Ya Shu also went to colleges and universities to teach the night school students art design, I only learned the skills myself, and gave her the opportunity to pass on what she has learned to others. He is very grateful for his study at the Institute.