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Repeated experiment practice

YI-AN said that although he was a university-related department in the university, his learning mentality was relatively loose, and many basic concepts were still insufficient. Fortunately, the curriculum of the strategy committee began from the basics, and he also learned from scratch. The strategy will break away from the traditional teaching methods, let students find answers from the questions, and indirectly stimulate the extended thinking logic of other students through the ideas and answers of each classmate, and then learn from others in the group report. Essence, he feels that this kind of teaching method can accelerate the absorption of learning.

After the completion of the business, through the mediation of the strategy, now is a network management engineer in a well-known system integration company, responsible for the network router management of the telecommunications industry. YI-AN said that if there is a problem in the work that does not know how to solve it, the teachers of the strategy committee will still be very enthusiastic to answer their doubts.