4 Steps to Learn

4 Steps to Learn
Evaluate the Resources

Get started through exploring versatile possibilities to learn.

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Enroll in the Courses

Once enrolling in the courses, Program my school will guide you to be immersed with the best learning experiences.

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Build Up a Habit

The well-built study habit facilitates you to keep learning. Hence, let’s set goals and rewards.

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Write Down Your Learnings and Instruct Others

One of the best way to solidify your knowledge acquisition is to write down what you have learned and try to instruct others with it.

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4 Steps to Buy

4 Steps to Buy
Evaluate the fabulous products

What’s the next generation’s learning material? How to develop your child's future ability? What learning environment should I provide?

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Request for Quotation via email

Tips for writing Request for Quotation letter. First, please mention your business mode and then list your requirements accordingly.

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Make purchase decisions

Reviews matter for decisions on products and companies. May you choose the products lighting up your life!

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You deserve it!

Own the unique products and begin the nice learning journey with love.

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Graphic designer

Keep improving and give back to society

YA-SHU said that the characteristics of the “Game Art Elite Class” of the Council is to cover the various skills required for game making, from game design to art 2D design to 3D process, which requires a lot of manpower and skill learning. Many of the teachers in the industry are senior seniors in the industry, and they can give the students the technical professors closest to the industry.

YA-SHU also mentioned that in addition to learning a variety of skills, there are also a lot of personal works accumulated, which is very helpful for finding a job after graduation. After the completion of the business, Yashu now works in the 3D role working group of a well-known game company. Not only does she play the role of the director, but also meets her own interests. In addition, because of the introduction of the teacher, Ya Shu also went to colleges and universities to teach the night school students art design, I only learned the skills myself, and gave her the opportunity to pass on what she has learned to others. He is very grateful for his study at the Institute.



Website Engineer

Repeated experiment practice

YI-AN said that although he was a university-related department in the university, his learning mentality was relatively loose, and many basic concepts were still insufficient. Fortunately, the curriculum of the strategy committee began from the basics, and he also learned from scratch. The strategy will break away from the traditional teaching methods, let students find answers from the questions, and indirectly stimulate the extended thinking logic of other students through the ideas and answers of each classmate, and then learn from others in the group report. Essence, he feels that this kind of teaching method can accelerate the absorption of learning.

After the completion of the business, through the mediation of the strategy, now is a network management engineer in a well-known system integration company, responsible for the network router management of the telecommunications industry. YI-AN said that if there is a problem in the work that does not know how to solve it, the teachers of the strategy committee will still be very enthusiastic to answer their doubts.



VR Engineer

Implementation course, improve skill step by step.

By the course arrangement from III, learning skill step by step, start from basic, after first three months of basic training, second three months of implementation training. YU-SIANG says that the course arrangement also fit those students who didn’t have any knowledge background, after half of a year, every one can have solid basic skill, and learning advance skill througe III course resource. He says when he did the implementation work form course, there were always many bugs in his program, and he need to use many time to solve the bugs. But it is worth because he could know his learning progress therough every time he debug.



Software Engineer

Chase the dream back, from financial expert to software expert

borned in 1980, WAN-JHEN got the degree of finance. when she studied and practice during school, she found out that as a financial expert, she only could choose limit job for her carrer, like bank, insurance, Securities saler. Although she is interested in finance field, all of those job need to sale finance production, makes introvert girl like her feel uncomfortable. suggested by her friend, she found out that studied in III, she can get a job in IT field, even if she didn’t get a degree of engineering. she remembered that she used to dream to become a IT engineer, so she applied III courses to chase her dreams back.



Animation Designer

From scenarist and director to post-effects designer.

For SHIH-YUE, the most attractive part of Animation Creation Class is that the course is design to training student all-round, and focus on original design.