BeRobot Educational Tool Kits

GeStream is a robotic designer and manufacturer, dedicated to providing innovative robots which are affordable and easy to use. Our products include Education Robot, Humanoid robot, Service Robot, Surveillance Security Robots, Industrial Robot Arm, Automated Guided vehicles, Servo motor, Control board, Robotic Sensors, IOT modules, Software, Control APP, Robotic Curriculum. Our productive team members provide excellent leading designs in mechanism, electronics, electric-machinery, embedded system, optoelectronics, semiconductor, interactive sensors, communication, and cloud platforms. Innovation and commitment to quality have allowed GeStream to produce cutting-edge, high-performance products that offer the best value in the Robotics market at the most competitive price. Awards: 1.Guinness World Records (BeRobot) 2.The Award for Business StartUp (Ministry of Economic Affairs) 3.The Industrial Innovation Achievement Award (Ministry of Economic Affairs) 4.Certificate of Golden Pin Design Product (Industrial Development Bureau) 5.The Certificate of Technological Service Organization (Industrial Development Bureau) 6.Certificate of IDA Congress (The International Design Alliance) 7.Innovative Elite Top100 Awards 8.The International Robot Competition 9.The IRCC International Robot Competition 10.The National Quality Assurance Golden Award 11.The Jin-Yi Award Creative Design Award for Photovoltaics and Application 12.The Product Insurance from Zurich insurance LTD
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BeRobot series include Robotic Car, Robotic Arm, Robotic dog, Robotic Snake, Robotic Scorpion, Robotic Goose, Robotic Humanoid…with these following features

1. Software Feature:
• Friendly Game-like Software (Graphic User Interface) for beginner, to easily program and real-time control robotic motions.
• Advanced version providing SDK and source codes for engineers to design advanced projects in Microsoft VB, VC++, VC#, Java, (MIT)Scratch, (MIT)APP inventor, Python, ….
• Wifi/Bluetooth version providing Android APP to control BeRobot via smartphone, tablet or computer.

2. Hardware Feature:
• Circuits Protection design to prevent IC from crash/ burn down.
• Green Energy Technology to save power consumption and Battery life, even Alkaline battery can drive BeRobot.
• Embedded with IRDA, UART/USB, 8 GPIO interface and LED, Servo motor Control Circuits
• Provided fancy small Remote controller is easily to be programmed/defined the functions of keys.
• Support all kinds of Open source modules(Raspberry Pi, Arduino, TI) and library functions
• (Optional) Many versatile expandable Hardware Modules to upgrade functions. Sensor/Control modules(for distance, sound, touch, optical, fall down, voice command, image detection, remote video…), wireless modules(RF,Bluetooth,Zigbee,wifi,GSM,3G), IOT modules

3. Servo Motor Feature:
• High performance, High precision, High torque/size ratio, Dual bearing Servo Motor
• IC protection technology to prevent Servo IC from crash.
• Embedded with zero backlash precision Gear sets, precision Sensors with life cycles over 500k rotation, and High Speed(70k RPM) Coreless long lifecycle motor.

4. Mechanism Feature:
• Re-Constructible as hundreds of types, such as dog, dinosaur, scorpion, crab, humanoid…with durable Al-Mg alloy bracket. Special processing metal materials to keep young students from harming fingers.
• Small and cute, Easy to carry, easy to program BeRobot at small table. Does not need to occupy much space.
• Double rotatable waist design to make its performance more stylish.
• Modularity design for easily replacing any damaged parts to save maintenance costs.

5. Innovative Robotic Education:
• Steps by steps detail DIY teaching books, including 3D animation, 3D diagrams, programming User Manual
• More than 30 experiments curriculums for learning Programming, Mechanism design, Electronic design, Automatic Control, Sensors Interactive, Motion Balance
• More than 30 Mini Robot Competition every year in autonomous or remote controlled mode.