GD-Tseng Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded 1983 in Taiwan selling educational and sports items for elementary and secondary schools in Taiwan. We expanded to import and export business in 1991. In early 1996, we set up research and development departments to design children’s physical educational toys to support teach and learn.
The strategic goal of our company: Successive innovation in products, continuous improvement in quality and design, providing competitive service and price to achieve customers’ satisfaction. This goal strives us releasing new designs, improved products quarterly.
In 1997, our market has expanded to worldwide to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Europe, South America and other countries.
We design and develop inspiring toys to attract the child’s senses, stimulate the children’s imagination, the use of shape, texture, color, physical items to stimulate children’s interest in learning, and physical training, teachers can use teaching aids to make teaching more easy. We apply materials which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to protect children, our expectations are to let children learn and growth from the toy inspired by the healthy and happy.
We passed BSCI with two outstanding points in 2015. We participate in Nuremberg and ISPO exhibition every year to promote our products to international markets.
Now we are producer and wholesaler of educational toy, training equipment and water sport toys with patents, goods quality and competitive price and continue striving for customers’ satisfaction.
Certificate: BSCI , D. U. N .S Registered Certificate
• Main products : Educational aids, Teaching aids, Desks and Chairs for school, Kids sports for school, Educational toys, Sports for training

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